Creating an account and signing in with SSO.

Updated 06/06/2023




Can anyone use SSO?

If you have a Google, Microsoft or Apple verified email address, you can use SSO.


What happens if an earner with an existing Credly account tries to sign in through SSO?

Existing users can sign in via one of the SSO options if the email matches the address on an existing Credly account. If it does not match, you will be creating an independent account.


If I have a personal gmail address and I add it as a secondary to my work email, can I use the SSO feature to sign-in?

Yes, as long as you’re signed into your Credly account under that work email then add the personal one as a secondary during that same login session. Then the next time you get a badge and want to accept it or want to sign in, you can use SSO. 
If I receive a badge and click through the new process and use one of the SSO options, do I still need to verify? 
The only confirmation you need  is to select which email address during the SSO flow you want to use but it’ll all be in the same flow / screen. Meaning you don’t need to open your email and click a confirm button. 
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