Can I add multiple emails to my account?

Updated 06/06/2023
You can easily add other email address(es) to your  profile. This will ensure that all of your Credly badges will be assigned to your profile, no matter which email address is used for issuing. 
To add a secondary email:
1. Log into your account on 
2. Click on the profile icon in the top right-hand corner
3. Click "Settings"
4. Click the "Account" tab from the left-hand menu
5. In the "Add Email Address" box, type an alternate email address, click "Add"
6. Credly will send a verification email to the new address
7. Click the link in the email to complete the verification process

If you'd like to switch your default email address:

  1. Click on the profile icon at the top right-hand corner of the page
  2. Click "Setting"
  3. Click "Account" from the left-hand menu
  4. Click the More "..." icon next to any secondary address and select "Make Default" and Confirm you would like to make that email the primary email address.

It is also important to note, we recommend leaving all email addresses within your account. The reason for this is two fold, one it allow you to gain any further badges or updates that are addressed to any of the email address within your account and two the secondary allows you another means to verify as well log in to your account. Additionally, if you delete the email address connected to a badge, the badge may also be deleted. We also recommend adding any email addresses to which you might be issued a badge to your Credly account.


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