How do I manage a badge issued to my organization?

Updated 04/30/24


Here's a guide if you like guides!

There are two types of badges issued on Credly: user badges and organization badges.

Organization Badges:

An organization badge is issued to an organization but is managed by an individual on behalf of the organization.  If you have received a badge on behalf of your organization, this article will explain how this badge behaves and how you can share it.

Though the badge is connected to your email address, it will feature your organization's name in the Issued To field. It will appear in your badge management section but it will not be displayed on your personal public profile. If your organization issues badges on Credly, the badge will appear on your organization's public profile page under "Earned Badges".

In order to share the badge on behalf of your organization, select the badge and click the Share icon. You will need to disconnect any personal social media accounts and connect your organization's social media accounts. You'll then be able to share the badge to each destination, as desired. You can also use the provided embed code to post the badge on your organization's website

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