Updated 06/06/2023


The Explore section presents you with a variety of badge recommendations. The recommendations allow you to explore learning opportunities offered through the Credly platform in a new way. Suggested badges are recommended based on your interests while onboard, after signing into the app, and your job title. 


Tap into Explore to view your badge recommendations. Tap "learn how to earn this badge" to work with the badge issuer directly to take the required courses. 



IMG_1263.PNG. IMG_1264.PNG. IMG_1265.PNG



A few things to consider:  

  • By default, badges are populated by your identified interests while onboarding. If you wait to identify any interest, we recommend badges based on your Job title. 
  • If the Explore option is empty, you haven’t filled out the identified interests or added a job title. We suggest that you go to your profile settings to update this information. 


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