Credly Mobile App

Updated 06/06/2023


Level up your career and unlock professional development opportunities. Set and achieve goals to grow your skill set, show you’re ready for a promotion or find a new job.

Install the app from the Google Play and Apple app stores. 


With the Credly app you can:

  • Verify your skills: Access and manage your digital badge wallet online and offline, on the job site or while networking.
  • Discover new skills:  Explore badges from the thousands of organizations and get personalized recommendations based on your career goals.
  • Celebrate your achievements: Share your badges with your friends and colleagues across social and professional platform.

Join millions of professionals on Credly, the world’s most comprehensive and connected network for recognizing skills, capabilities, and achievements.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does user profile information transfer between the web platform and the mobile app?

A: Yes. Profile information that exists on the web is presented within the app. If the user has an existing account but no profile information filled in, they’ll get the opportunity to add details in-app. 

Q: Some apps require location data. Will we be collecting this information from users?

A: Yes. Some of our product offerings require additional location details beyond the country information provided during onboarding. 

Note: Location data is only used to complete location entry; we do not track user location!

Q: The mobile app is currently limited to US users. Why?

A: Translations. We will be expanding the app to additional locations in the future. 

Q: Is the Credly app free? Do users or issuers pay to use the app?

A: The app is free for users. 



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