How can I share my badge to a mobile wallet?

Updated 06/06/2023


Credly now offers the ability to add your badges to your mobile wallet. 


1. On your mobile device, sign into your account using the mobile browser.

2. Click into the badge you'd like to add and select share. 

3. Scroll down the page and choose the "Wallet option" under the Publish sharing options. 


4. Select Add to Wallet. 

5. Your Wallet should open with an image and QR Code for the badge.  Select Add. 


And that's it! Your badge will be added to your Wallet for easy accessibility on the go! 




  • Share to Mobile Wallet is available on devices that support PKPASS
    • Apple does this natively
    • Android has third-party apps that support this
  • This sharing option is NOT a “Digital Wallet.”  Share to Mobile Wallet makes a copy of your digital credential so that you can share it. It is not a native app. It does not manage public key infrastructure and verified data.



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