Transcript Guide for Registrars

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Credly x ACE Learning Evaluations Since 2020, Credly by Pearson has served as a source for transcripts for training evaluated and recommended for credit through the American Council on Education’s National Guide

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About the ACE process for endorsements:

Education and training providers subscribe to ACE’s service to have their workplace learning or programs evaluated by faculty subject matter experts. Those faculty determine if a program’s curriculum is equivalent to college credit, and award a recommendation for semester hours, degree level, and subject area. For example, a workplace training might be recommended for 3 semester hours at the lower division undergraduate in business administration.


Finding the source of truth

If you want to know if a course has been evaluated by ACE, the ACE National Guide lists all education and training providers and their credit recommendations.


Military Transcripts

The transcripting process explained in this guide only pertains to ACE endorsements on the ACE National Guide. Information on ACE Military Guide and the Joint Service Transcript (JST) may be found at this ACE page.

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