Can I attach my badge to my email signature?

Updated 12/1/23

Yes, adding a hyperlinked badge image to your email signature is a great way to make sure your professional network is aware of your certifications, credentials and other badge-worthy recognition.

Email clients handle images within signatures differently, but generally there are 2 steps:

1. Gather the assets; the badge image and public URL

2. Add the image and hyperlink it within your email client.




First, get the assets you need.

share.pngScreen Shot 2023-12-01 at 11.54.05 AM.png



There is no magic size for email signatures, but typically you'll want to save your image in a smaller size, such as 100x100 px).

Next, use your email client to add the image and then hyperlink it with the public URL.

We can't begin to tell you how every email client works. If you are unfamiliar with the client you use, search for instructions for "Email signature."

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