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Video - Can I attach my badge to my email signature?

Updated 06/06/2023


Adding a hyperlinked badge image to your email signature is a great way to make sure your professional network is aware of your certifications, credentials and other badge-worthy recognition.

Email clients handle images within signatures differently. Some, like Outlook, require a resized image and a hyperlink.


First, let's find the assets you’ll need from your badge on Acclaim. 

1. Log into your account and select the badge you’d like to add to your email signature from your Dashboard.   

2. Select the share button at the top the page. This will show you all of your possible share options for this badge.

3. Select "Download Badge Image, and use the sliding scale to select the appropriate size for your image download. (We recommend around 150x150 pixels, in this case.) Click the "Download Image" button (see below). 


Screen_Shot_2021-11-08_at_10.45.40_AM.png Screen_Shot_2021-11-08_at_10.51.46_AM.png

4. Select the "Public Link" option and click the "Copy" button to copy the Badge URL your clipboard. You'll need this to hyperlink your downloaded image.



Using Outlook:


1. Start a new email and click signature

2. Either edit an existing signature or add a new one.

3. Select the image icon and choose the image you downloaded.

4. Next hyperlink the image. Past the badge url you copied.

4 Select Save.


Using Gmail: 




1.  Find the settings area and scroll to the signature block

2. Use the picture icon to upload the badge image you downloaded. You can resize the image.

3. Highlight the image and click on the link Icon. It may look like nothing happened, but click back on the image and see where you can change the hyper link.

4. Past the Url you copied.

5. Save, and you’re all set.


If the above method for adding your badge to your signature to Gmail it's working for you, please try this second method. 


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