How do I share my badge on WhatsApp?

Updated 06/06/2023

To share your badge in WhatsApp, follow these steps:

1. Log into your account on using your mobile device
2. Find the badge you'd like to share and click into the badge to Share.

3. You will be brought to the "Share Badge" screen where you can find different tabs directing you to connect your social media accounts and share your badge. To view all of the sharing options, you can condense the tabs by clicking the downward facing arrow


4. Click on "WhatsApp," and click "share"

5. You will receive a pop-up asking you to "Open in 'WhatsApp,'" click "Open" 
6. This will bring you into your WhatsApp contact list. Choose who you'd like to send your badge to and click "Send"
7. You will then be brought to a message screen where your badge URL will automatically be included. You can then customize a message and click "Send"
8.Viewers can then click on the provided URL for more information about your accomplishment

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