IBM + Kyndryl FAQs

Why did I get an email from Credly asking me to confirm my address? I didn't request this. Is it SPAM?

Updated 06/06/2023

It's not SPAM! This is being done to support the transition from IBM to Kyndryl by ensuring IBMers who are moving do not lose access to your badges. Once you lose access to your IBM email, any password reset you request would fail as the verification would go to the dead IBM email address. By adding your new Kyndryl emails to your account now, we can ensure a smooth transition for Kyndryl employees. We don't want you to lose access to your credentials!




When I click the email to confirm, what login information should I use?

Please login using your current username and password for Credly, which is likely to be your current IBM address and the password you used to create your account. You can request a password reset if you're unsure, but note that the password reset will go to your Primary email on file with Credly.


Once my IBM email is deactivated, do I need to make the Kyndryl email as the default on my Credly account? 

This is up to you! We recommend keeping all of your emails listed on your Credly account, even if you no longer have access to the actual inbox. You can change the Primary email on your account at any time and keep other emails on your account as secondary emails. 



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