Where is my Scrum.org badge?

Updated 06/06/2023


A message from Scrum.org: 

At Scrum.org we always look for ways to increase the value of Scrum.org certifications, and beginning on August 23rd, Scrum.org will be integrating with Credly.

For any Certification Assessment that an individual has already earned, they will receive an invitation from Credly, during the week of the 23rd, inviting them to claim and highlight their achievement. Likewise, starting on the 23rd, any new Certification Assessments that are earned will result in an invitation from Credly in addition to the assessment score report from Scrum.org.

We believe the addition of Credly will help certification holders further highlight their achievements in a place where they are easily visible and discoverable. With Credly, certification holders can aggregate their verified skills in a single place and share them with employers, prospective employers, friends and colleagues, and through social media. 

Scrum.org is still the organization issuing the certifications and maintaining the official record of individuals that have earned a certification; integrating with Credly will provide certification holders with additional opportunities to amplify and advertise their achievements. The Scrum.org profile page listing the certifications that have been earned will still exist, and the ability to download a badge or PDF certificate will remain available. 

There is no cost for certification holders to join Credly.

If you pass a Scrum.org Certification Assessment, Credly will only contact you with an invitation to claim the badges you have earned with Scrum.org - not for marketing purposes. You are in complete control of the public visibility of your badges and contact preferences through Credly. 

What action can Scrum.org certification holders take in advance of August 23rd?

If you don’t already have a Credly Profile - create a new profile

  1.  and configure your social media sharing settings.
  2.  If you already have a profile with Credly - update your list of Credly email addresses to include the email address you use when taking your assessments. 

When will I receive my invitation?

Issuing badges to those of you who have already earned them will take place over multiple days beginning August 23rd. Please be patient, and if by August 30th you have not received an invitation, reach out to support@scrum.org so that we can assist you.

You can read the announcement here.

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