How Can I sync my badges with ZipRecruiter?

Updated 06/06/2023


Sync to ZipRecruiter is a new feature on Credly that enables you to sync your badges to ZipRecruiter to promote your achievements to employers and to be matched to jobs relevant to your skillset.


Please Note: All badges can be synced to ZipRecruiter,  but the share to ZipRecruiter option is not shown for every badge


Follow the instructions below to establish your connection and sync your badges with ZipRecruiter


To establish your connection through Credly, click into a badge from your dashboard and choose share. 



Select "ZipRecruiter" under the "Promote menu and select “Connect” to begin connecting to ZipRecruiter



You will be taken to a co - branded page to create or sign into your ZipRecruiter Account.


If you are creating a profile with ZipRecruiter upon completion you will be prompted to import from Credly. 




If you already have a ZipRecruiter profile, sign in and you'll be prompted to import from Credly. 



Click Import from Credly, will then display your option to sign into your Credly account. 


After you sign in, click to allow ZipRecruiter to connect to your Credly account. 


Note: ZipRecruiter predetermines this message based on the authorization scope required to share your badge. Acclaim will not sync your badges to ZipRecrutier  without your initiation or permission. 


When you’re connected, return to ZipRecruiter and select the badges you’d like to display. 


Note: When you add badges to ZipRecruiter , all of the badges that you have marked as public within your Credly profile will appear on your ZipRecruiter.. You will have the opportunity to edit what badges you’d like to have appear through the ZipRecrutier interface. 

Your badges will appear on your ZipRecruiter profile. 


Note: Badge images will not appear on ZipRecruiter at this time. 

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