Why Should I Personalize My Profile?

Updated 03/14/2024

Your profile is an important part of telling your professional story. It's one spot on the web where you can manage and share the achievements that will further your career, so make sure to include a few key elements: 

  • Name - Is your name Katherine, but you go by Kate? Edit your name to best reflect what you'd like to be called at work. 
  • Profile Picture - Make sure it's a nice one that represents you as you'd like to be viewed by potential employers. The minimum size required is 400x400 
  • Bio - This is where your profession personality can really shine through. You've got 500 characters to sketch out your key talents, qualifications and interests. 

To personalize or edit your profile, click on Settings.

Select Profile from the left sidebar menu.


From this page, you will be able to add a photo and a brief bio along with other details.


A personalized profile gives viewers a better understanding of who you are.







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