How can I send my Transcript?

Updated 03/14/2024

Credly offers you the ability to produce a consolidated, competency-based transcript. Transcripts include records of professional and academic credentials that can be easily shared digitally. You can now share your official Transcript directly with registrars via Credly.

Sending an official transcript via Credly is immediate and saves transaction time. Official transcripts are digital and machine-readable by college admissions systems, recruiting, and talent management systems. 

You can send your Transcript by accessing your Dashboard. From the dashboard select, the profile Icon drop-down menu in the upper right corner and select "Send Transcripts." 




Selecting "Send Transcripts" will bring you to a page that has a couple of fields for you to fill in. You'll also notice that some fields are already pre-populated with information from your account. Fill in your date of birth, recipient's information, and a custom message. 



Selecting "Continue" will bring you to a confirmation page. On this page, you'll want to double-check the information you've filled out and the custom message. You'll also have the option to "View Transcript" This will download your Transcript to your computer. So you can have a copy of it for yourself.  If you need to edit any of the information be fore you send, simply select the back option. 



Once you're ready, select send. 




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