Updated 06/30/2023

Microsoft Certification Earners via Microsoft Learn:

Microsoft Certifications earned and claimed on Credly before June 30, 2023, will be available for viewing and sharing through Credly until June 30, 2024. However, your Microsoft Certifications on Credly will no longer be kept current or updated as you pass renewal exams or earn new Microsoft Certifications. The only exception is Microsoft Certifications issued by Certiport which will still be managed and updated on Credly indefinitely.

For more information on these changes visit here, or contact Microsoft Certification Support.

For existing Microsoft Certification badges on Credly 
  • Your badge will remain valid and verifiable through its current expiration date 
  • If there is an ACE credit recommendation or endorsement associated with your badge you will still be able to send your transcript to the desired institution from your Credly account using the steps outlined here: How can I send my transcript? 
  • If you are needing any of your data changed (ex. Name, Issue Date, Exp Date), unfortunately after June 30th, 2023, this would no longer be possible and will have to contact Microsoft Certification Support directly 

Experiencing an issue with your account on Credly, please use this submit a request form to reach Credly support.  Our support representatives can assist with the following: 

  • Gaining access to an account registered to an email address you can no longer access.
  • Resetting your password.
  • Merging your accounts.
  • Adding a secondary email address to your profile.
  • General badge inquires; including searching our system for badges that have already been. issued, and troubleshooting accepting a pending badge. 

Unfortunately, Credly cannot update the information entered into a badge by the issuing organization. The information entered in your badge by an issuing organization includes: 

  • Full Name
  • Issued to email address
  • Badge expiration date

Microsoft Badges via Certiport

Microsoft Certification badges issued by Certiport will continue to be managed and updaetd on Credly indefinitely. If you have questions about your badge, or need to inquire about a missing badge, you will need to contact Certiport directly using one of the links below.

Within the US: 


Please note: Most problems regarding Certiport are due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your default language within Certiport is something other than English
  • You have two accounts within Certiport

The following badges will continue being issued by Certiport via the Credly platform

Microsoft Office Specialist (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Master, Outlook, SharePoint)

Microsoft Certified Fundamentals

Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE)

MTA Badges



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