My Badge is showing as expired, what should I do?

Updated 06/06/2023

Is your earned badge showing expired, but you've already re-certified with the issuing organization of the badge. You'll want to reach out to the issuing organization first. The issuing organization can update your badge accordingly.

If you need information about how to re-certify your badge, in most cases, select the badge itself from your dashboard and view the additional information provided.

Unsure how to reach out to the issuing organization? Please Submit a request through our Help Center. Credly support will provide you with contact information or in some case, reach out to the issuing organization on your behalf.

Credly support can assist with the following:

  • Gaining access to an account registered to an email address you can no longer access.
  • Resetting your password.
  • Merging your accounts.
  • Adding a secondary email address to your profile.
  • General badge inquires; including searching our system for badges that were already issued, and troubleshooting accepting a pending badge.
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