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  1. A badge was issued to a different email address than the one currently tied to my Credly account. How do I claim the badge and merge it into my Credly account?

  2. Adding a Credly Badge to Your Gmail Signature

  3. Can I accept and share Credit I earn automatically?

  4. Can I add other email addresses to my account?

  5. Can I associate more than one e-mail address with my Credly account?

  6. Can I customize the badge notification email?

  7. Can I decline or delete Credit I have earned?

  8. Can I disable the notification email when issuing badges?

  9. Can I display badges from the Mozilla Open Badge Backpack in my Credly profile?

  10. Can I upload my own badge image for Credit I issue?

  11. Can I upload my own images to place in the center of a badge?

  12. Can people "claim" badges with codes or by submitting their own evidence?

  13. Do you have examples of people using the Credly Open Credit API?

  14. Does someone need to be a Credly member before I can give them Credit?

  15. How can I add managers to my organizational account?

  16. How can I change an expiration date after a badge is issued?

  17. How can I embed multiple badges on my web site or blog?

  18. How can I revoke a badge?

  19. How can I share, embed, and download my badge?

  20. How do I add my digital badge to my LinkedIn profile?

  21. How do I authorize another person or organization to issue credentials I have created?

  22. How do I change my password?

  23. How do I create a new badge?

  24. How do I edit "tags" after a badge is issued?

  25. How do I get "Verified"?

  26. How do I import a CSV of badge recipients into Credly?

  27. How do I import attendees from Eventbrite into Credly Contact Lists?

  28. How do I issue badges to Eventbrite attendees?

  29. How do I manage my organizational profile?

  30. How do I receive and accept credits issued to me?

  31. How do I send my earned badges to Mozilla's "backpack"?

  32. How do I use Contacts and Lists?

  33. How to concatenate a testimonial

  34. How to put your badge in an email signature

  35. I get an error about the number of rows or columns when uploading a CSV file to issue badges.

  36. I need help sharing a Credly badge to my Mozilla Backpack.

  37. Is support available for using the Credly Open Credit API?

  38. Is there a Credly API?

  39. Is there a Credly Facebook app?

  40. Is there a WordPress plugin for Credly?

  41. I’d like to discuss partnership or other business development opportunities.

  42. Someone is using my logo or image without my permission.

  43. Tell me more about the icons in the Credit Builder.

  44. Using the Reports feature

  45. Video - Adding Managers and Reporters

  46. Video - Creating a badge

  47. Video - How to Authorize Others to Issue a Badge

  48. Video - How to change expiration dates

  49. Video - How to concatenate a testimonial

  50. Video - How to create a custom experience with branding

  51. Video - How to Manage Contacts and Lists

  52. Video - How to manage tags after issuing

  53. Video - How to revoke a badge

  54. Video - How to use the Reports feature

  55. Video - Issuing badges

  56. Video - Managing your organizational profile

  57. Video - Setting up badges that can be claimed

  58. What are "AutoShare" settings and how do I use them?

  59. What are issuer “Categories” and why should I use them when creating or editing badges?

  60. What are personal "categories" and how do I use them?

  61. What are some of the ways I can issue badges?

  62. What are some of the ways to issue a badge?

  63. What are Tags and how do I use them?

  64. What are the recommended specifications for uploaded badge images?

  65. What are “Authorized” badges?

  66. What are “Available” badges?

  67. What do the check marks mean on badges in the “Available” or “Claim Now” view?

  68. What does "Make Trusted Issuer" mean?

  69. What does "Verified" mean next to some users' names?

  70. What does it mean to "follow" someone on Credly?

  71. What does the "Expire" option mean when creating a Credit?

  72. What does “Claim Now” mean on a badge?

  73. What happens if I receive Credit at an email address but want to associate with another email address I own?

  74. What is "Credly for MailChimp" and how does it work?

  75. What is "Evidence"?

  76. What is "Private" vs. "Public" Credit?

  77. What is a "primary" email address?

  78. What is a "Testimonial"?

  79. What is Credit?

  80. What is Custom Assertion and how do I use it?

  81. What is my "Account URL"?

  82. What is the billing and refund policy?

  83. What is the Credly "Open Credit" API?

  84. What is the Credly Eventbrite app?

  85. What is the difference between "Individual" and "Organization" accounts?

  86. What is the difference between Issuer Tags and Issuer Categories?

  87. What’s the relationship between “Credit” and a “badge”?

  88. Where are the Credly Terms of Service?

  89. Where is the Credly Privacy Policy?

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