How do I manage my organizational profile?

By default, you’ll be on the "Our Credit" page when you log in. Go to "Account Settings" either by selecting from the left menu or by mousing over your name in the upper right corner and selecting from the dropdown menu.

Once on Account Settings, you’ll find the following areas:

The Organizational Icon (avatar): This is the graphic representation of your company -- your logo! Mouse over that area to reveal a pencil for editing.

The requirements for the image are:

  • Image file of .png, .gif or .jpg not larger than 500 KB
  • For best results, have the image be at least 170x170 pixels

Organization Name: Fill in the entire name of your organization. (Do not be concerned that what you see in the top left dropdown is abbreviated. In the example below, notice that the entire name of the organization is Acme National, but the display reads Acme N. Only you, the owner of that account, sees the abbreviated version. The public will see the full name.)  

Email: Consider using a general email for administration, versus a personal email. The email you use appears in the footer of badge notification emails sent to recipients to directs inquiries and also functions as your username for logging in.

Password: Follow general guidelines to protect your account identity by selecting a strong password.

About Us: This area will display publicly as recipients review credentials from you. This is an opportunity to promote your organization, so take a moment to include a brief description of your mission or focus.

Organization Website: Consider adding a website so recipients can learn even more about you.

Location: You may optionally share an address or a city for reference. 

Other parts of the Account Settings area you might want to populate:

Account URL: You can customize the URL for your Credly profile page. You edit this in the Account URL area. You can only change this custom URL once, so give careful consideration to your choice. Click on the pencil to get started.


For additional information on Account URL visit

Social Settings and Auto Share:  Individuals who receive digital credentials often want to share these on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. By doing so, they promote your organization! This feature in the Account Settings may not be as valuable for your organization, but you will want to promote this with your recipients. A helpful support article can be found here.

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