How do I create a new badge?

To begin creating a badge, Visit your "Created" tab and then click on "+Badge" -- or just click the "Give" link in the top navigation.

The Badge Image

You can choose whether to upload your own badge image to visually represent the Credit you create, or you may use the Credit Builder to create an image online. (You can always start by creating a badge using the Builder and later edit to change/add a new image.)

1. To upload your own badge image, on the home page of the Credit Builder, click the "upload your own design" link:

2. Then click the "Upload a new image" button:

Follow the on-screen instructions to load your own badge image. In creating your own badge images for upload, for best results, we recommend:

  • Square image size (i.e. equal height and width dimensions)
  • Recommended size 600 x600 pixels or higher
  • Using a transparent background
  • File format: PNG
  • File size maximum: 2MB

 If instead you would like to use an image from the Credit Builder, start by clicking on the "Customize This" button.


Use the tools in the navigational panel on the left to customize shape, icon, and banner text, or to select or upload an icon into your badge image.

Text Fields

To the right of the Credit Builder, you will see the text fields to "Describe this Credit".

1.     Enter your information for "Title" and "Short Description" (you can type or copy/paste from your document).  

2.     Click on the blue "+" sign to open the next window and to enter the longer Description and Criteria. Again you can type or copy/paste. Notice both fields allow for hyperlinking and formatting. Some badges may carry an expiration date, which you can establish here.

Categories provide a way to organize your created badges. You can choose from thousands of pre-existing skill, competency and vocational categories or you can add your own. These are similar to tags that help organize badges across the broader digital credential ecosystem, beyond any single issuer.  Learn more about categories and tags.

3.     When you finish with this window, be sure to click the "Save Info" button.

4.     You will be brought back to the first screen. If you are ready, click "Save". If you are an enterprise level client, after saving you must additionally "Publish."

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