What are issuer “Categories” and why should I use them when creating or editing badges?

“Categories” help you organize your available badges. They communicate how the credentials you create relate to each other and to broader topics, themes or skill areas.

When creating or editing a badge, click “add more detail” to see the “Categories” field. As you type in a Category, the autocomplete menu that appears lets you choose from pre-existing Credly sitewide Categories or from your own previously created Categories. To add a new Category, simply type your Category and select it from the top of the drop down menu that appears as you type. That Category will be added to your badge upon saving it, and it will be available to you when categorizing other badges as well.

After issuing badges or credentials, you’ll see the badges you issue organized by Categories and Tags you used on your public Credly profile’s Given tab.

If you are an Enterprise level issuer, your badges are viewable by Categories on the main issuer page of your Enterprise site. Just click the “Categories” checkbox on the Available tab. Categories can be expanded or collapsed. 

This is a perfect way for your users to see all of the credentials you offer in one place, organized in a way that makes the most sense to your organization.

Furthermore, logged in users will see a checkmark on any credentials they have already earned.

Categories automatically get added to issued badges as Tags, providing additional data and context about each achievement and helping to organize credentials on Credly, Enterprise sites, and via the Open Credit API.

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