What are Tags and how do I use them?

“Tags” allow you to add keywords to the credentials that you issue. The tags get added to the issued badge and help you record additional data with the badges you issue.

Let’s say you have a credential called “Presentation Skills” and that you issue that badge in different contexts, depending on where the earner demonstrated the competency. The skill might be observed in a math class, for example, or it might be assessed in a corporate board room. By tagging the badge at issue time as “mathematics” or “board meetings” you have added critical additional context that helps you, the earner and those who view the earned badge better appreciate the value and nature of the achievement.

How to use tags

When you issue a badge, you will see the option to “Add Tags”. Click the + sign. 

As you start typing, you’ll see any previous matching tags that you created as well as a library of Credly-wide tags to choose from.   When issuing credentials to multiple people at one time, you have the option to check “Use these tags for all recipients” or add unique tags for each recipient. 

When it comes to tags, you can choose from Credly-wide tags, tags you previously added, or you can add your own new tag. To add a tag, simply type your tag and select it from the drop down menu that appears as you type. You’ll see the tag appear above. If you should decide not to use the tag before issuing, use the “X” to remove it.

If you have “Categories” assigned to your badge from the badge creation screen, those will automatically appear as Tags for the given badge, so you don’t need to add them again as keywords.

If you are issuing a badge authorized to you from another member, the Tags you can choose from include Tags created by the authorizing member. Simply start entering your tags, and their tags will autocomplete for you when there’s a match.

When you visit your “Our Credit” or “My Credit” page or your public Credly profile, your Created or Given tabs will offer the option to view your issued badges organized by the Tags you assigned when issuing the badge. Click "Show by Tag".

Notes: If you used Categories for your created badges before we added the Tags feature, your Categories have been automatically added to your issued badges -- so your past issuing and future issuing both make use of this handy tag function and all your data is consistently organized and described. (And if you used to Categorize your badges on the confirmation screen after giving them, you no longer need to do that. Using tags on the issue screen lets you do that before issuing and it lets you use different tags for each recipient. Much better!)

Tags and categories are also available when you view and export your Reports.

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