How do I authorize another person or organization to issue credentials I have created?

When creating or editing a badge, you may notice “Allow others to give this credit”.

Here are the step by step instructions. First, keep in mind that those you wish to authorize to issue your badge must already have a Credly individual or organization account.

In the top left, start typing the name of a Credly member until recognized, and then select the name from the drop-down list. Or, enter the exact email address of another Credly member. You can also choose from contacts already listed by hovering over their names and clicking ”Add”. Users who appear on the right side of the window will be authorized once you save the changes in the box (click “save” button), and then “Save” the badge in the main badge builder.

To de-authorize a specific user from issuing a badge, click “Edit Authorized Users” in the badge builder area for the select badge, or uncheck “Allow others to give this credit” and “Save” the changes.

Those you Authorize will see your badge in their “Our Credit” > “Created” tab, under “all” or “Authorized”. Authorized badge issuers cannot edit or delete your badges; they can only issue them. They will have access to your Tags when issuing an Authorized badge.

You’ll see the badges Authorized users issue in your Reports. Use the “Filter by Issuer” field to limit your Report to badges issued by your Authorized issuers.

This feature is available to Premier and higher level members.

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