How can I get my organization logo to show up next to badges shared on LinkedIn profiles?

When an earner shares an earned badge or credential to their Linked profile, the logo of the verified issuing organization appears next to it to help validate the connection between the earner and the institution that recognized their achievement.

Badges issued by Organizations with Verified and Credly Pro accounts or higher appear with the logo of their own organization when badges are shared to LinkedIn profiles. Organizations must have an established "
company" or "edu" page on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn identity of Verified and Pro or higher accounts are verified by Credly, and through a unique partnership with LinkedIn, badges then shared to LinkedIn profiles show the issuing organization's logo on LinkedIn instead of Credly's logo.

The LinkedIn verification process can take up to 24 hours after an Organization upgrades to Verified or Credly Pro. When one of your badge recipients next shares a badge from Credly to a LinkedIn profile, they will see your logo appearing next to the achievement on LinkedIn.

Enterprise account holders can can choose to replace the word "CREDLY" in the license number on LinkedIn with their own Organization name, as part of a complete white labeling of the credential or badge earning experience available to Enterprise users.

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