Can I customize the badge notification email?

Yes!  Customize the communication around badges you issue by adding your logo or image to the header of each email, along with a unique message to congratulate or greet recipients with a call to action.

When you issue digital badges using, each recipient receives a notification email message

You can customize the email in the following ways:

  • Add a custom message
  • Use your own logo or banner image at the top of the email (Premier users) 

Custom Message:
In "Step 2" of the issuing process, below your recipient information, check the box that says "Add a special message to email notification". The text you enter there will appear at the bottom of the email sent to recipients. It's a great way to add context, words of congratulations or gratitude, or to let recipients know what kinds of opportunities or rewards are now available to them as a result of earning their new badge.

Use Your Own Logo:
Credly Premier members issuers can put the weight of their brand front and center when issuing digital badges with a Custom Email Header image.

Visit your "Account Settings" and upload a header image, banner or logo in the "Custom Header Image" area. It will appear at the top of all outbound notifications sent to recipients of your credentials or badges, replacing the standard Credly logo and header. Together with the custom message that can be added to any badge, Premier members control the messaging and communication around the badges they award. (If you're not yet a Premier issuer, you'll need to upgrade first.)

Change Your Header Image for any Occasion:
Update the header image as often as you like. Change it to reflect your events, conference or other activities you are acknowledging

A Great Companion to Custom Assertion:
And don't forget to also enable Custom Assertion Location, which redirects observers of shared badges on professional and social networks to a display of the badge on your own site. This is a great opportunity to promote and market your programs, events, courses and activities to other potential badge earners -- and it's another easy way to put your brand, credibility and authority behind the credentials you issue.

Upgrade today to take advantage of Custom Email Headers and enjoy many other benefits.

Note to Developers:  The custom notification message -- and whether to send a badge notification message at all when issuing credit -- are fully controllable when integrating Credly functions into your own site or application using the Open Credit API.

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