I get an error about the number of rows or columns when uploading a CSV file to issue badges.

When issuing badges you have the option to upload a CSV file of recipients. The format of the CSV file is described on screen when you select the CSV option.  

Question:  "Upon uploading the CSV file, I receive a message that says: 'Line 1: every recipient row must contain 5 columns. This line contains X columns.' What should I do?"

Answer:  This issue can arise when saving your CSV file using Microsoft Excel. It is usually resolved by doing the following:  
  • Re-open up your CSV in Microsoft Excel.
  • Go to the "File" menu and choose "Save As ...". 
  • In the save dialog box, from the "Format:" drop down menu, choose "Windows Comma Separated (.csv)" and then re-save your file. 
  • Return to Credly and choose the newly saved CSV as your upload.

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