How do I issue badges to Eventbrite attendees?

You'll first need an Eventbrite account with at least one event created, and a Credly Premier account with at least one digital badge created.
  1. Login to the Credly Eventbrite app using your Credly username and password.
  2. If it's your first time in the app, visit the Settings area to link your Eventbrite account to your Credly account.
  3. Visit the Issue Attendee Badges option in the menu, and click "Schedule Badge Delivery". Follow the steps on screen.
Here's a video tutorial that walks you through how to get started:

You can issue badges to all event registrants or just to those who have checked in to the event (i.e. who have had their ticket bar code scanned using the Eventbrite Entry Manager).

There is also the option to send badges immediately, to send them daily to all new registrants until the event ends, or to set delivery for a specific time and date.

You can also import Eventbrite attendees into your Credly Contact Lists so that you can issue badges to some or all of the attendees during or after your event.  Learn more.

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