How do I enable blockchain for my earners?

We’re excited to announce that publishing to blockchain is now a feature for select enterprises.  The capability must be turned on by the issuer.

The capability is available under the Connected Accounts tab of the Account Settings area in the New Issuer Layout.  If you are unfamiliar with the new layout, please refer to product updates here.

A simple toggle allows you to turn on the feature.  Issuers can then select a blockchain (Bitcoin or Ethereum) and create a new address.  You will need to be in the New Issuer Layout to enable this.  Either create a new badge or edit an existing one after you turn on the feature in Account Settings. Notice you can use the dropdown to determine to which blockchain you'll allow publishing.

Turning on the feature allows your earners to publish to that blockchain.

In case you’re curious, when a viewer wants to verify the credential, they see a process unfold like this:


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