What is a "primary" email address?

Your "primary" email address in Credly is the email address you use to login to your account, and it's the email we'll use to notify when you receive Credit from someone. 

You can add additional email addresses you own to your account at any time. Once you have verified the additional accounts you have added, you can change which of the email addresses are considered your Primary address. (Visit the Knowledge Base article on adding other email addresses to learn how to add additional email addresses to your account.)

The additional email addresses will be used to associate Credit you are issued to those addresses with your single Credly account. We'll never use these addresses for anything other than making sure Credit you receive gets channeled into your Credly account. We'll only ever use the primary address to contact you about your account or Credit you receive.

Here's how to change which address is your Primary address:

To change the Primary address associated with your account, visit your "Account Settings" by clicking on the user menu at the top right corner of the site. Click the pencil next to "Email". If you already have one or more additional verified email addresses associated with your account, select the button next to the email address you'd like to become the Primary address, and then click "Save Primary".  

If you do not have an additional verified address added to your account yet, first click "Add Email" to add the new address, and then check your email inbox for that address to click the link we send and verify you own the address.  Once you have done that, you can select the new address you added and click "Save Primary" (as per the instructions above).

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