What is the Credly "Open Credit" API?

Open Credit gives you the power to seamlessly integrate every aspect of digital badge and credential management into your own sites or applications. The entire Credly system is built from the ground up around Open Credit, a highly modular API built with an emphasis on performance, scalability and security. Open Credit is RESTful, fault tolerant, speedy, and returns JSON. API endpoints encompass the entire spectrum of digital credential management. Badges issued with Open Credit are compliant with the emerging Mozilla Open Badges standard, and Credly is the only system with complete two-way OBI support. 

Open Credit is the only digital badge API you’ll ever need or want to use. The Open Credit API and Credly SDKs include the most comprehensive developer resources for digital badges and credentials. Interactive documentation is simple and a pleasure to use. Check out the rapidly growing library of Open Credit-enabled apps. And add, manage and share your own apps with a worldwide audience.

The Credly Open Credit API allows you to seamlessly integrate the giving, earning and displaying of lifelong achievements and badges into any user experience. It also allows your brand and identity to be in the foreground while leveraging the most robust engine for universal achievement recognition under the hood. Leave the work of developing and operating the world's most robust digital credential and badge system to us, while your users enjoy the best of credit earning and giving from within the context of your site or application. 

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