What happens if I receive Credit at an email address but want to associate with another email address I own?

Not a problem! This can happen to people who use multiple email addresses for different aspects of their life. 

Let's say you're already a Credly member but someone comes along and sends you Credit using an email address that you have not yet associated with your Credly account. 

If you are already logged in to the Credly site when you click through from the email to "Accept" the Credit, we'll automatically add the new email address to your Credly account, and we will send you an email message asking you to verify you own the email address. Once you do that, you'll be able to accept the Credit that was sent to that new email address and have it join your Credly account with your other Credit.

If you are not logged in to Credly when you click through the email to accept your new Credit, we'll automatically add the new email address to your account after you login and verify the new email address.

NOTE: You can proactively associate all of your email addresses to your Credly account -- and we recommend you do.  That way, all Credit people issue you in the future -- no matter what email address of yours they use -- will find its way to your Credly account. This allows you to manage all of your Credit in one place. See the Knowledge Base entry "Can I add other email addresses to my account?" for details.

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