Can I upload my own badge image for Credit I issue?

Yes, all members may upload their own badge images to associate with Credit they issue, rather than use the Credly Badge Builder.

1. On the home page of the Badge Builder, click the "upload your own design" link:

2. Then click the "Upload a new image" button:

Follow the on-screen instructions to load your own badge image. 

In creating your own badge images for upload, for best results, we recommend: 

  • Square image size (i.e. equal height and width dimensions) 
  • Recommended size 600 x600 pixels or higher 
  • Using a transparent background 
  • File format: PNG
  • File size maximum: 2MB

Custom badge images are a powerful way to identify Credit you or your organization issue with your brand identity and to have the Credit's image meet exactly your desired look and feel. 

Need help designing badges that stand out and perfectly represent your organization and the achievements you recognize? Custom badge design services are available. To learn about our custom badge design packages and services, contact or call 800-841-5890.

Here are some examples of custom badge image graphics used by Credly Premier members and designed by the Credly Badge Design team:

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