Can I accept and share Credit I earn automatically?

You can indeed set your Credly account to automatically accept and share Credit you receive. This is achieved using the "Trusted Issuer" and "AutoShare" settings.

Automatically Accept Credit from "Trusted Issuers":  

When you receive Credit you have the option to mark the person or organization who gave you the Credit as a "Trusted Issuer". You'll see the option upon initially accepting or later managing any accepted Credits.  Credit received from Trusted Issuers is automatically accepted. For example, if you receive Credit from a museum you visit or a school you attend, you can set the museum or school to be "Trusted Issuers".  That way, when you receive new Credit from them, you will not need to click the "Accept" button each time. 

Automatically Place Accepted Credit into Personal Categories: 

In addition, when accepting or managing Credit, you have the option to place each Credit into one or more personal categories you create. When you Trust an Issuer, you can also set the categories into which Credit from that issuer should be sorted. This makes it easy for your Credit from the museum or school to get automatically placed in your "Museum" or "Education" categories, for example. (You can later change or add categories, even for automatically accepted and sorted Credit.)

Automatically Share Credit to Linked Social Networks:

The "AutoShare" feature lets you automatically post new Credit you receive to social networks you specify. Visit your Account Settings area from the user menu at the top right corner of the site. Mouse over any social network linked to your Credly account to see "Edit Settings". From there you can set your preferences so that:

  • all new Credit you accept go to the selected social network;  -or- 
  • new Credit from select personal categories go to the selected social network
  • Credit received from issuers you mark as "Trusted" will be automatically accepted and categorized according to your settings, and once accepted will be sent to social networks according to your AutoShare settings. 

    Here's an example of how this works:  

    You receive Credit from a museum you visit, and designate that museum as a Trusted Issuer with all Credit they issue being automatically accepted and sorted in your personal "Museum" category. You visit your Account Settings and set the AutoShare settings for Facebook to automatically share accepted Credit from your Museum category to Facebook. Now whenever that museum gives you Credit, it will automatically be posted to your Facebook page. (Whereas Credit from another issuer that you have not yet trusted, will await your acceptance in your Credly inbox; and you can decide how and where you'd like to share it on a case by case basis.)

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