What are personal "categories" and how do I use them?

Personal Categories help you manage your Credit and make it easy to share select Credit to your social networks or your own website or blog.

When accepting or managing Credit, you have the option to place each Credit into one or more personal categories you create. When you Trust an Issuer, you can also set the categories into which Credit from that issuer should be sorted. This makes it easy for your Credit from the museum or school to get automatically placed in your "Museum" or "Education" categories, for example. (You can later change or add categories, even for automatically accepted and sorted Credit.)

You can read more here about using categories to embed on your website or blog.

Add new personal Categories from your "My Credit" page by clicking the "Add Category" button at the bottom of the page.  

Once you create a category, you need to put the badge in the category. To do this, go back to My Credit and mouse over a badge. Click on Manage.

You can then use the dropdown area at Select Category and select one more more categories. Remember to click Apply and then Save.

Personal categories are not seen on your Public Credly profile. They are used to help you manage your Credit and decide what Credit should be shared on your social networks.  See the Knowledge Base article on "Can I accept and share Credit automatically?" for more information.

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