How do I receive and accept credits issued to me?

We’ve made it even easier for you to accept your credits.  In just two clicks, you will be able to use and share your credits in the many ways you’re able to today.

When a credit has been issued, you will receive an email notification. Select Save to accept your credit and add it to your Credly profile.


If you have a Credly account and you are logged in, Simply verify your account to claim your credit.

verify accountpng

If you do not have an account, you will be prompted to complete an account creation. Simply enter a password of your choosing and select Sign Up Now.

Complete Account Creation jpg

Already have an account, but aren’t signed in?  

Select Already a member? Login under the create an account field.  

Complete Account Creation jpg

Once you create an account or login with an existing account, you will be presented with options to share your badge.


Please Note: If the badge issuer has  disabled the email notification when issuing a badge, you will not receive an email notification. You will be notified of the pending badge next time you login to your account.

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